Audio video and cd marketing

We are able to offer you the service of creating all kinds of audio and video advertisements and presentations, as well as the possibility of creating CD presentations or mini-CDs (business cards) of all standard formats.

Our creative team performs the complete production and postproduction of audio and video advertisement, from the starting idea to the realization of complete audio and video advertisement with possibility of transferring it to any solid medium in unlimited quantities. If you wish to advertise your products, company or services you have come to the right place.

Our creative team is offering the following services:

  • Recording the new, or correcting the existing audio material
  • Sound postproduction
  • Recording the video material using recommended or desired techniques
  • Video postproduction (video editing, adding sound or visual effects, color correction…)
  • Burning audio and video content onto desired medium
  • Printing the cover for the medium, aka personalization of the medium (CD, DVD…)
  • Package design


Present your company, service or product adequately. We are offering a high-quality solution for improving your advertisement. This is an ideal solution if you are in the habit of holding meetings with your potential clients in person. Business card in the form of CD presentation represents the perfect advertisement and offers the possibility for informing your clients about your service or product better than you can do personally during one meeting. NM Design creates multimedia presentations on mini-CDs in the form of business card or on any other media of your choice (flash memories, CDs, DVDs…). It is possible to print any image or text onto the surface of the mini-CD, thus giving it the title of MULTIMEDIA BUSINESS CARD. For this type of presentation internet is not needed, only the standard CD reader that is a necessary component of any personal computer.

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