Email marketing

E-mail marketing represents a new way of advertising or promoting your services and products. NM Design installs application field on your circular letters through email. If you are considering the appearance of your circular letter, NM Design creates it as well as sends it to the users who opted to receive circular letters. The appearance of the circular letter can be made according to your specific desires or according to the visual identity of your company, product or service. You are free to take a look at some of our e-mail marketing packages.

Our creative team is offering the following:

  • Creating the appearance of circular letters
  • Installing application field for users to subscribe to your circular letters
  • Sending e-mail circular letters using one or more e-mail marketing packages



Max 500 subscribers

Unlimited number of e-mails

Price:20€ per month


Max 2500 subscribers

Unlimited number of e-mails

Price:30€ per month


Max 10 000 subscribers

Unlimited number of e-mails

Price:35€ per month


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