3E Institut

Info about 3E Institut
Institute 3E is a relatively young organization, established in late 2009 and registered in 2010. However, people who are active in the organization have a great experience in the operation of civil society and international organizations. A total of four full-time employees and about 20 or so volunteers who participate in the preparation and implementation of our activities.
- Office Kosovska Mitrovica - Vojvode Putnika BB
- Office Gracanica - Gracanica BB
City: Kosovska Mitrovica
Mobile: +381 66 90 10 982
Email: office@3einstitut.net
Website: www.3einstitut.net

Provided services
Service description: Creating a dynamic website with a unique look and performance desired by the client.
Name of service: Creating unique website
Type: Dynamic website
Technique: xHTML, CSS, JS, PHP, MySQL
Number of pages: 10-15
Deadline: 7-10 working days
Website: www.3einstitut.net

Service description: Creating website marketing banners for advertising campaign "JA SAM OVDE".
Name of service: Creating website marketing banners
Type: Static banners
Technique: .jpg
Dimensions: 300x250, 468x60, 728x90
Deadline: 1 working days
Website: www.3einstitut.net