Graphic works, illustrations, icons

If you have the need for a specific graphic work, illustration or icon you have come to the right place. NM design creative team is offering the production of bitmap or vector images as well as icons of all sizes and purposes. If you are developing an application but don’t have an adequate interface, our team is offering the creation of complete and unique interface.

For more complex commissions, a face-to-face meeting is preferred. However, if this is not possible you should note this: if our team is not contracted for the complete design of the sketch, work, interface or character in desired form then it is necessary to provide us with the specification of your demands, or in the case of the interface application with the short description of the function of the application, purpose of the application, desired dominant colors, desired resolution and other characteristics necessary for your project. In this case, the best way to communicate is face-to-face meeting, communication via Skype or other IM, VOIP software. The working progress will be available at any time through our internet office.

There are two ways for payment:

  • By hour
  • Fixed price for the whole project

If you are interested in price evaluation for the desired project, we recommend you fill out the form for free evaluation or contact us via contact form, e-mail or telephone.

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