Vladejić salon keramike

Info about Vladejić
Vladejic company was founded on 21 May in 1994. in Negotinu, by opening retail paint shop at Serbs Jovanovic. Later, the program expanded to the sale of Italian pottery as an extremely exclusive offer...
Address: Samarinovački put BB
Citz: Negotin
Telephone: +381 19 544 002
Mobile: +381 63 415 093
Email: office@vladejic.rs
Website: www.vladejic.rs

Provided services
Service description: Creating a unique website for cheramics Vladejić. Web site has a module for galleries, contact form, it works on NM Design CMS system for editing content.
Name of service: Creating a unique website
Type: Dynamic website
Technique: xHTML, CSS, JS, PHP, MySQL
Number of pages: Unlimited
Deadline: 10 Working days
Website: www.vladejic.rs