Recovery of lost files

Did you know that it is possible to retrieve lost data from broken hard drives? If you have important, personal data that are irreplaceable or extremely valuable located on a hard drive that has just broken down, in most cases we can help you.

Way of retrieving lost data depends on the level of the damage and the nature of the damage. If the damage is in software, there are certain programs for retrieval of most of or all of the lost data. If the damage is in electric installations, our team will try to fix it. If the damage is physical or mechanical it is possible to extract magnetic boards from the broken hard drive and install them into new hard drive in special sterilized rooms intended for this kind of procedure. The whole concept of retrieving lost data depends on the level and nature of damage to the hard drive.

Each method has its price and the level of successfulness. According to the value of your data our team will recommend the optimal method for retrieving the lost data.

Lost data can be retrieved not only from hard drives with magnetic boards but also from flash memories and other devices for data storage.

Our team offers you the option of coming directly to the agreed location and fixing issue on the premises. Time needed for the completion of the task varies according to the capacity of the hard drive, its speed, and the condition it is in. If you are located in Belgrade our technical support team can visit you and fix issues on the premises. This is ideal option if you are unable to bring the computer to us and collect it after it is fixed. Appointment is made for the first free term, usually for the next or even the same day you called depending on our working schedule.

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