Designing computer networks

NM Design offers designing of all types of computer networks depending on their purpose, possibilities of existing infrastructure and installations, desires of the client and the position of the device in computer network. NM Design comes directly to the location in order to gather all the needed information and shortly after sends the sketch and the suggestion for the project with all details including price, possible construction work, network equipment and assessment of the time needed for the completion of the desired computer network.

LAN network project includes:

  • Project assignment
  • Technical terms for the construction of installation
  • Specification of the required components
  • Technical sketches
  • Measurement results

Modern computer networks are, in most cases, done according to the “structured cabling” principle, meaning that the working space is divided into smaller working areas in which a few signal UTP cables for transfer of signal and voice are installed. In case of multi-storey cabling, vertical cabling is administered, thus connecting networks on all storeys. Due to the limits in the length of the cables (90 meters per cable route), cabinets are placed on each storey and installed with certain active equipment enabling the computer communication.

I horizontalne i vertikalne kablovske trase se izvode u formi zvezde, da bi u slučaju eventualnog prekida pojedine trase, ostatak računarske mreže nesmetano radio.

Both horizontal and vertical cable routes are done in the form of a star in case of eventual break down of single route, thus enabling other computer networks to continue working. Cables are positioned in the already existing or newly installed canals with the possibility of installing all cables into walls of the object thus making the entire network aesthetically more appealing, with no visible changes to the wall. The mode of installation of the cables depends entirely on the desires of the client. Upon completion of the project the client receives entire documentation and the cabling project, as well as the results of speed and quality testing of all routes and cables in the designed computer network.

All active devices such as routers, modems, printers and computers in the computer network are adjusted according to the client’s desires and according to their purpose.

NM Design is offering the service of maintenance of the designed computer network and all the devices connected to it. This includes fixing possible future errors, servicing the devices and the possibility of constant monitoring of the computer network, as well as the possibility of remote support using remote control.

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