Network security and backup

NM design team is offering you the assessment of the vulnerability of your computer network to external factors, removal of all security issues, as well as complete “backup” of all information on computer network, thus preventing the loss of important data on your hard drive.

In terms of your information, you have 3 options concerning storage which are applied depending on the value of the hard drive data. Copying of the data is manual, automated or done by software. Clients can be trained in managing the software themselves, or it can be trusted to our team to manage your information.

The first option (manual) offers the safekeeping of data from hardware outside the premises, on different known or secret location and on external hard discs. This option is recommended for the data of extremely high value and for secret data.

The second option (automated) offers the safekeeping of data on external hard discs installed in the close vicinity of your computer with the possibility of one hard disc containing all the data copied from hard drives. This option offers a good level of security. In case you experience troubles with one of the hard drives (integrated or external), your data are safe on the other drive. This method is recommended for the data of higher value and it can drastically lessen the possibility of the loss of data.

The third option (software) offers the safekeeping of data copied onto the same computer where you keep the original data. This option safeguards your data in case your original data are lost, or experience issues. It offers you the possibility of retrieving data in case of error on the original data. This method is, however, flawed. If an error occurs on the hard drive, all the data (original and copies) will be lost. This method is recommended only for the data of low value.

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