Wireless computer networking

If you wish to accelerate the data exchange between employees or your profession requires several computers connected to internet network, and you do not want cables running through your working space, NM Design can help you by designing wireless computer networks.

Several standards are available for use

  • Standard 802. 11a
  • Standard b
  • Standard g
  • Standard n

Other available options are connecting computers through remote locations via VPN or, if the location is not too far, through strong wireless antennas.

There is an option of upgrading the existent wireless computer network if the performance of the existing network and its speed is no longer satisfying your needs.

Upon completion of the project the client receives entire documentation and the cabling project, as well as the results of speed and quality testing of all routes and cables in the designed computer network.

All active devices such as routers, modems, printers and computers in the computer network are adjusted according to the client’s desires and according to their purpose.

NM Design is offering the service of maintenance of the designed computer network and all the devices connected to it. This includes fixing possible future errors, servicing the devices and the possibility of constant monitoring of the computer network, as well as the possibility of remote support using remote control.

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