Development of online shops

Online shopping is becoming increasingly popular and widespread because of numerous advantages such as home delivery, discounts, 24/7 availability. Shop-keepers now have the possibility of basing their business on internet market instead of paying high rents for their shops. Having one high-quality website representing online shop means that anyone can trade goods and earn money. If you are still in doubt, this information will ease your choice about opening an online shop:”National institute for statistics announced that in 2011 41,2 percent of citizens in the republic of Serbia are using the internet and that this number is constantly increasing.” This information confirms that potential market is large enough for selling products online.

NM Design is able to offer you creation of the complete online shop, with integrated system for online payment, option for users’ registration, even the possibility for the auction of your products. All this is done in accordance to the international coding standard and with the unique design, personalized according to your desires or according to your visual identity.

Our team has developed unique system for dynamic management of content (CMS) which enables the seller to have the complete control over all users of the online shop, as well as all the products in terms of controlling prices, number of products in stock, putting discount on certain products and other ways of controlling in terms of insight into the number of visitors, ways they reached the shop, all of which are prerequisites for the further development of the online shop.

There are a few ways of getting your online shop:

  • - Payment on a one-time basis for the creation of the online shop
  • - Fixed monthly payment for the duration of the shop (until it closes) which is cheaper than the payment on a one-time basis but is charged in continuity
  • - Monthly payment based on the amount of the articles your online shop is selling

It is up to you to decide which of the ways is most affordable to you, whether it is payment on a one-time basis after which you receive your shop for unlimited use, or fixed monthly payment cheaper than one-time based but charged every month for the duration of the shop, or the third option of paying monthly based on the number of articles meaning “more articles-higher fee”.

All online shops are created according to the wishes of the client; each shop is visually completely unique, and designed in accordance to the desires of the client or in accordance to the visual identity of the company. The design of the Shop is sketched first. Sketching is done following the guidelines given by the client, who after the sketching has the right to 3 revisions guarantying that the client gets precisely what he wishes. Online shops designed by NM Design are SEO friendly (optimized for search engines) which contributes to the number of the visitors. Likewise, online shops are optimized for all internationally renowned internets browsing software (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, Safari) which guarantees that each potential buyer will properly see the appearance of your shop regardless of the browsing software he uses.

For further information about all 3 above-mentioned ways and the complete specification of the appearance of the shop, you can contact us via contact form, e-mail or telephone.

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