AD Magistrala

Info about Magistrala AD
Main activity of the Company is maintaining and construction of roads, airport runways and sports fields. Shorter description of summer maintenance is installation of asphalt mass , marking of horizontal traffic signalization, installation of vertical traffic signalization, reconstruction and repairing of roads, and preparatory earthworks that is digging, filling, leveling of terrain, removal of rocks and stones, and other drainage works. Short description of maintenance during winter is removal of snow and ice from the roads and spreading salt and “rizla” on the roads.
Address: Novi Beograd, Tošin bunar 198
City: Beograd
Telephone: 011/2696-499
Fax: 011/2696-858

Provided services
Opis usluge: Implementation of NM Design Content Management System (CMS), adding feature: embed video, upload .PDF, .DOC. Training staff to self-manage NM Design CMS.
Name of service: Implementation of NM Design Content Management System
Type: Dynamic web site
Technique: xHTML, CSS, JS, PHP, MySQL
Number of pages: neograničeno
Deadline: 7 radnih dana