DV uslužna radnja

Info about DV
DV is a service shop for decorating courtyards and green spaces.
Address: Bulevar JNA 155, Jajinci
City: Belgrade
Mobile: +381 63 436 105
Emal: dv@dvoriste.co.rs
Website: www.dvoriste.co.rs

Provided services
Service description: Creating unique static website with contact form.
Name of service: Creating unique static website
Type: Static website
Technique: xHTML, CSS
Number of pages: up to 5
Deadline: do 5 working days
Website: www.dvoriste.co.rs

Service description: Flyer design for DV service shops
Name of service: Paper-Marketing flyer design
Type: 12x16cm
Technique: .jpg
Deadline: 1 working days